Battle For Life

I have chosen to communicate this vision in a language that I trust many on this planet will understand.


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Guido Sterkendries


Guido Sterkendries Guido Sterkendries is an eco-explorer and photographer who has travelled extensively around the Amazon. He captures his vision of Amazonia and the diversity of colours, shapes and sizes with low light lenses, leaving no stone unturned in his quest to record the region’s diversity. His remarkable expeditions have earned him a well-deserved reputation as one of the world’s most committed and indefatigable photographers with an eye for purity. An approach that is completely in sync with the vision and the needs of the natives of South America and their habitat.

But Sterkendries felt that instead of limiting himself to merely producing outstanding natural imagery he should also take a critical look at the ecological, economic and cultural problems that Amazonia currently faces. He is passionate about the green lungs of our planet and feels that it is his mission to challenge the myopic short-term responses of politicians around the world to a changing climate and its rapidly shrinking biodiversity. According to Sterkendries we can bring about a change together. Guido is considered a ground-breaking independent voice, sharing his vision and that of the Amazonian Indians of a dominant Western world in his confrontational, innovative and unique project, called “Battle for Life”. 


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